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Worried that a close friend owes you money and you find it awkward to remind them to pay out ?

Ever missed the sticky note and forgotten the due date for an expense and felt your self respect crumble a little?

Had your mind boggled while trying to switch between multiple apps to track a forgotten expense ?

Tried to avoid including that friend in travel plans who would always wiggle out of paying with some lame excuse?

If you answered yes to anyone on the questions above then you are not alone my friend! Each…


“Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing”
I am sure you read this sentence in that very peculiar tone and tried reading it as fast as we have all been hearing it till date ;) Yes, we all are familiar with the term Mutual Fund. But very few of us actually know its nitty-gritties.

A mutual fund is a collective fund that is made up of money invested by many different investors. This collection of money is then managed by a professional fund manager, who decides where to invest that…

Is Stock Market synonymous to gambling??!! Is luck the main player in the stock market ?!

Stock market for beginners

(Not So) Surprisingly, only 2.5% of Indians invest in stocks compared to 50% population in America. To a lame man’s eye, the stock market does seem like gambling where you could double your money within days, or lose your entire savings within hours. Also abound by various scams, like Harshad Mehta scam, Ketan Parekh scam, etc. it is easy to not trust this market.

But this market like every other has its own set of rules that it follows. Once you are familiar with…

Well Done!! Give yourself a pat on the back……you deserve it!! If you have landed on this page, it means you are already a step closer to taking some of life-changing decisions.

A Walk-Through the Basics of Investing

Just to give a small insight on what is investing and how is it different from savings. Investing is putting all your excess money into different financial instruments such as bonds, equities, property & schemes, to maximize your returns. Often people just put their money into a bank, considering it to be the safest and best investment. …

Be it an awesome Friday night dinner or weekend bar hopping or an unplanned crazy getaway trip, post your fun-tastic outing, we all dread the the cumbersome task of splitting the incurred bill among friends. Since it often involves too many complexities in the calculation, people tend to shy away from doing it. SplitEase solves this problem with the ease of a single click.

  1. Dinner Expenses: It often happens that we go out with diverse friends, with each of them having their own food preferences. There will be vegetarian friends, nonvegetarian friends, also there will be friends who would opt…

Is SplitWise d***

They both are peer to peer expense management apps, allowing us to split our expenses with friends, pay fixed recurring expenses, and simplifying our debts. In today’s times, this is extremely beneficial for the time-crunched generation of ours. Not only is a lot of time but also effort is saved.
But there are some major feature often wished for in SplitWise:

  1. Lack of Payment Option
    Though SplitWise does a marvelous job in splitting the bills and even sending out reminders for friends to settle up, one major feature that it lacks in the direct payment option in the app itself. One…

While managing your expenses is the best way to avoid debt, it can also be an uphill battle.
That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place. That way, you can avoid accumulating debt simply by following a few simple rules. Below, you’ll find few ways to cut down on your expenses, avoid financial pitfalls, and stay out of debt in the process.

  1. Make a Budget
    Develop a realistic budget and stick to it. Review your budget periodically and revise it when necessary. There are many easy ways to develop a budgeting system such as spreadsheets or online software and…


The only finance app you will ever need. Pay using multiple app, manage expenses easily

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