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How To Split Money With Friends?

Be it an awesome Friday night dinner or weekend bar hopping or an unplanned crazy getaway trip, post your fun-tastic outing, we all dread the the cumbersome task of splitting the incurred bill among friends. Since it often involves too many complexities in the calculation, people tend to shy away from doing it. SplitEase solves this problem with the ease of a single click.

  1. Dinner Expenses: It often happens that we go out with diverse friends, with each of them having their own food preferences. There will be vegetarian friends, nonvegetarian friends, also there will be friends who would opt for liquor and others who wouldn’t. In these cases usually, the payment is done by one or two friends while the rest will be paying their share to them later. Calculating the per person share in these cases become complex and may lead to disagreement among friends. One easy way to avoid such a mess is to use SplitEase for splitting. You can easily enter who paid for what and how much in simple steps and the app automatically calculates and lets every member know the exact amount to be paid and to whom.

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