Keep money out of relationships. Manage your personal and Group Expenses with ease

Worried that a close friend owes you money and you find it awkward to remind them to pay out ?

Ever missed the sticky note and forgotten the due date for an expense and felt your self respect crumble a little?

Had your mind boggled while trying to switch between multiple apps to track a forgotten expense ?

Tried to avoid including that friend in travel plans who would always wiggle out of paying with some lame excuse?

If you answered yes to anyone on the questions above then you are not alone my friend! Each one of us faces these situations on a regular basis and nevertheless, it’s always the relationship that takes the unnecessary blow.

SplitEase is our go-to messiah. It’s an invite-only app to manage all your expenses. You can invite all your friends and families via contacts, or even Facebook for people you meet on the go ;)

It is a finance management super app that helps in splitting bills among friends along with managing and tracking your personal finances. It is loaded with features that simplify our lives. Shared traveling and living have never been easier after using this app. It has an integrated QR code for quick pay, joining your friends’ group, and settling expenses.

  1. Manages Personal Expenses
Manage all your personal expenses with SplitEase

All your personal expenditures and managed smoothly in one place. It prevents you from overflowing from your budget. It tracks all the borrowed and lent money and allows you to set reminders and also notify your buddies to pay up. All your monthly expenses and displayed in a comprehensive dashboard.

2. Unified Tracking App
Want to pay a friend through GPay UPI while another through Amazon UPI but find it cumbersome to open and manage 3 different apps. The awesome feature of SplitEase allows you to pay directly from your choice of payment apps. You can not only pay using multiple UPI apps directly from SplitEase but also keeps track of all expenses in one place. Now you don’t have to juggle between multiple apps for payments. Open SplitEase, pay, and receive all your cash through its user-friendly interface seamlessly.

3. International Trips & Friends
With the support of currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, QAR, and many others, it helps in paying in one currency and getting paid back in the currency of your choice. This overcomes all the hassles of manually converting the currencies. It also supports multilingual languages.

4. All your transactions at One Place
Ever faced a failed transaction on GPay? Then you have to fill back the same details again on Amazon Pay or some other app. This can become really cumbersome especially when in hurry. SplitEase removes all these hassles because if the transaction fails on one app, you can try using another app when paying through SplitEase, without having to enter details again.

5. No More Fear of Math's

Create Group Expense, Simplify your expenses with ease

The worst fear post a trip is to calculate how much is owed to whom and more often than not, nobody is ready to shoulder the responsibility. Well, the days of worry are over with SplitEase being the volunteer buddy ready to simplify all these complexities. No need for any Excel spreadsheet or long complex calculations. Just the amount and the friends who shared needs to be entered and SplitEase calculates and shows the magical end result. This magic genie can also help you to split bills unequally. No hassles, less worry.

6. Limit the Outstanding Amount

Create balance alerts to limit the amount borrowed or lent

You can limit the max outstanding amount according to your wishes. This sends you a reminder every time you exceed that limit so that you settle up. Also, it notifies your buddies every time their owed amount exceeds your limit so that they can pay up immediately. This manages your finances efficiently while also maintaining relationships by keeping the awkward money conversations out of it.

Your Personal Passbook
It has a comprehensive dashboard that enlists all transactions that take place from any account of yours in one place. Be it personal or group expenses, you don’t need to look into any other app.

Not enough reasons for you to welcome SplitEase to your phone with open arms??!! Wait till you read to the end of this article and factor in all the other cool features it provides to make our lives easier.

SplitEase allows you to settle individuals as well as multiple or all expenses at once. Can’t find an expense or transaction you need? Simple! Use the lifesaving search option provided. Also need to discuss with buddies post your trips, all can be done within the group chat, where you can also share media, receipts etc. Never before seen such flexibility while managing expenses.

No more losing sleep wondering about all the different ways you can ask for your money back. Simply use the ‘notify’ feature to send reminders to your buddies to settle up the pending amounts.

The cherry on the cake, this app can also work in offline mode! So, while you are trekking in remote places or enjoying the view of the mountains, you can still update your expenses in the app which will sync the data once you are back to the network.

I am sure you do agree now, that SplitEase simplifies our lives by allowing you to pay and receive directly through it, while delivering on its promise of keeping money out of relationships.

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